New Features: Detailed Trigger Notifications


We are always looking for ways to make the Strap platform more useful and accessible to you. Product updates come straight from the desk of our dev team:

Detailed Trigger Notifications

Update Date: 2-29-2016

Trigger notifications within our platform exist so that you can take action on the trends and specific data points your consumers are tracking. In the past, the trigger notifications you received provided little details about what criteria your consumers met in order to launch that trigger. We have expanded the triggering format to include a direct link to the date resource in the API and a detailed explanation of why the trigger was fired. It eliminates the need to construct the API request as the URL is provided within the notification.

Updating the infrastructure across the system will make your lives easier as you work to understand human data trends within your marketing database.  

Workout Trigger Update

Update Date: 03-01-2016

Continuing our trigger updates from above, our platform now allows you to setup triggers that will launch off of the specific types of workouts that are being logged by your consumers. With our new update, rather than launching an in-app message "when my consumer works out", you can send specific messages to a certain consumer for a specific work out goal. Your triggers might look something like: "send an in-app coupon to my consumer when they run 10 miles", or "send my consumer an email the evening after they go to yoga class". 

More personal workout triggers will help you to connect with your consumer on an individualized level. That's why we knew it was important to expand the triggering services to process your consumer's workout information.



New Features: Detailed Trigger Notifications



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