Why Strap is Launching a Slack Community


We recently launched a public Slack community. 

Join us on Slack

Slack is powerful for teams because it consolidates communication and data from dozens of sources into one easy to use platform. When building a community around a product or service, the same needs apply. We get dozens of emails, tweets, Intercom messages, and calls per week. Why not provide an interactive, real-time forum where people can ask questions of our product team, get advice on best practices for our mHealth platform, or just banter about the state of the digital health industry?

Plus, it's a great place to compete in our daily step competitions, powered by our own Slack App, /fit.

More and more organizations are starting to use the very popular internal team communication tool for public dialogue, and I'm a huge fan of this trend. Check out some of the most popular ones over on Slack List.

Here are a few of my favorite Slack communities:

  • Maker Hunt - Product Hunt's community where makers come together to talk about the latest and greatest products and tech trends.
  • Socket.io - Developer community for the popular communication development framework. 
  • Redox - Healthcare interoperability platform, founded by a crew of really smart ex-Epic employees.

You can join our Slack community by visiting http://slack.straphq.com. We can't wait to chat with you soon! 


Why Strap is Launching a Slack Community



Steve Caldwell
Co-Founder / CEO
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