Does your marketing strategy have a pulse?

It's time to tap into the power of wearables.

How it works

Enable your existing mobile apps

Take our software development kit for iOS and Android and integrate with a variety of fitness tracking and smartwatch platforms from a single interface.

Let customers connect

Empower your users to bring their own device. Strap works across platforms so no wearable is left out.

Push content when it matters

No matter which industry you are in, data from wearables can be used to incentivize and reward in a variety of ways. For example, when a customer reaches ten miles of steps for a month, you could push them a targeted offer or reward.

Provide personal metrics

With our robust logic engine, you can display customer information in a common format, even if the information originally came from a combination of fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Give your customers more ways to earn

Allow personal connections to the IoT

Reward healthy team members

Enable healthcare applications


Real Time Data

Brand Love

User Insights


Discover the impact wearables can have on brand strategy

Download our white paper on the value of wearable data for brand marketing.


Wearables are your customers’ most personal devices.

And they’re growing in popularity. 30 million fitness trackers and smartwatches were sold last year and 60 million are expected to sell in 2015. Strap harnesses the activity and fitness data from these devices for you.

Wearables are smart devices you can wear. The most common are smartwatches and activity trackers. Wearables track unique data like heart rate and movement. Wearables also receive notifications so you can check things like texts without pulling out your phone.

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